Alex Danchev | Cézanne: A Life

Recorded Nov 8, 2012
Direct Download: 20121108-alexdan.mp3

Alex Danchev’s writing spans art, politics, and military history, and the subjects of his acclaimed biographies include philosopher-statesman Oliver Franks, military writer Basil Liddell Hart, and cubist Georges Braque. His most recent books include On Art and War and Terror, and 100 Artists' Manifestos. Danchev writes regularly for The Times Literary Supplement and The Times Higher Education Magazine. A professor of international relations at the University of Nottingham, he has held Fellowships at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C.; St. Antony's College, Oxford; and King's College, London. In his new biography of artist Paul Cézanne, Danchev tells the story of an artist who, during his lifetime, was considered a barbarian, an outsider, and a revolutionary. 

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