Jonathan Goldstein | I’ll Seize the Day Tomorrow

Recorded May 30, 2013
Direct Download: 20130530-jonatha.mp3

As host of CBC’s radio show WireTap, Jonathan Goldstein “brings self-deprecation to a whole other level” (The Montreal Gazette). Part monologue and part telephone conversation, the show reveals “the warp of Goldstein’s imagination” (Toronto Star). Celebrated author David Sedaris calls him “one of the funniest and most original writers I can think of.” Goldstein’s writing has appeared in The Walrus, the New York Times, and GQ. He is a frequent contributor to This American Life and the author of the novels Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible! and Lenny Bruce Is Dead. His new book, I’ll Seize the Day Tomorrow begins the week of Goldstein’s 39th birthday. As he approaches the big 4-0, he humorously contemplates what it means to be an adult in an infantilized world. 

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