Deborah Solomon | American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell

Recorded Dec 3, 2013
Direct Download: 20131203-deborah.mp3

As the celebrated illustrator for The Saturday Evening Post for nearly half a century, Norman Rockwell portrayed a fantasy of American togetherness. In her new biography American Mirror, art critic Deborah Solomon trains her eye on the art and the artist who articulated the yearnings and aspirations of a country united by fear. Solomon is the author of two previous biographies of American artists: Jackson Pollock: A Biography and the “perfectly composed, richly nuanced and quietly surprising (Chicago Tribune) Utopia Parkway: The Life and Work of Joseph Cornell. She writes about art and culture for many publications, and “Questions For,” her weekly interview column, appeared in The New York Times Magazine from 2003 to 2011.

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