Christopher Buckley | But Enough About You

Recorded May 15, 2014
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“One of the funniest writers in the English language” according to Tom Wolfe, Christopher Buckley is the author of 15 books, including Thank You for Smoking, Little Green Men, and Supreme Courtship. The recipient of the Washington Irving Medal for Literary Excellence and the Thurber Prize for American Humor, Buckley served as chief speechwriter to Vice President George H.W. Bush, and the American political machine is the primary target of his satire. As Janet Maslin wrote in one New York Times review, “By now, just about every species of political huckster has been treated to Mr. Buckley’s style of prescient ridicule, yet political life ceaselessly tosses him bait.” In his new essay collection, Buckley tackles a wide range of subjects with distinctive wit and insight. 

Meelya Gordon Memorial Lecture

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