Slavoj Zizek | Event: A Philosophical Journey Through A Concept

Recorded Sep 23, 2014
Direct Download: 20140923-slavojz.mp3

“The most dangerous philosopher in the West” (The New Republic), Slovenian Slavoj Zizek is a towering figure in Marxist ideology, psychoanalysis, and social theory. The author of dozens of books and articles and the subject of a score of interviews and documentaries, his best known volumes in English include The Sublime Object of Ideology and First as Tragedy, Then as Farce. “The Elvis of cultural theory” (Chronicle of Higher Education), Zizek adopts a radical style in his newspaper op-eds and academic works, which has earned him an international following and relevancy. His new book asks fundamental questions about what is really happening when an event occurs, whether events are interconnected, and if we are really agents of our own fates.

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