Don Winslow | City on Fire

Recorded May 5, 2022
Direct Download: 20220505-donwins.mp3

“One of the best thriller writers on the planet” (Esquire), Don Winslow is the author of 22 bestselling crime novels that explore such broad-ranging topics as the socio-political underpinnings of the war on drugs, law enforcement, criminal hierarchies, and international politics. These books include  the Cartel Trilogy, (The Power of the Dog, The Cartel, and The Border), The Force, and Savages for which he wrote the screenplay for the Oliver Stone-directed film adaptation of the same name. Winslow formerly worked as a private investigator, antiterrorist trainer, arson trial consultant, and safari guide. In City on Fire, this “master of thrills shows his range, and his bite” (The New York Times) with a fictionalized account of the real-life warring Irish and Italian criminal organizations that have controlled the New England region for generations.

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