Thomas Keller | Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide

Recorded Nov 24, 2008
Direct Download: 20081124-thomask.mp3

Sous vide is an innovative culinary technique that is revolutionizing the professional food world. Blazing the gastronomic trail is Thomas Keller, owner and chef of legendary restaurants The French Laundry, Bouchon, and per se. In Under Pressure, Keller shows how this foolproof cooking method, which involves cooking food at precise temperatures below simmering, yields consistently phenomenal results. Named America’s Best Chef by Time magazine, Keller has earned numerous accolades over the past decade, including back-to-back Best Chef awards from the James Beard Foundation: the first chef to achieve such an honor.

Chef Keller will be interviewed on-stage by fellow chef, and French Laundry co-author, Michael Ruhlman.

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