Charles Duelfer | Hide and Seek: The Search for Truth in Iraq

Recorded Feb 24, 2009
Direct Download: 20090224-charles.mp3

The deputy executive chairman of the United Nations Special Commission on Iraq and deputy head of the United Nations weapons inspections team from 2003 to January 23, 2005, Charles Duelfer led the Iraq Survey Group: the CIA team charged with the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The resulting "Duelfer Report” uncovered violations and bribes, but no weapons of mass destruction. Based on unparalleled access to the highest realms of the U.S. and Iraqi governments, Hide and Seek tells the story of how poor assessment of the Iraqi threat spurred a breakdown in U.S. and Iraqi relations that spiraled rapidly into chaos.

Interviewed by Philadelphia Inquirer national political columnist, Dick Polman.

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