Edward Snowden in Conversation with Jeremy Scahill | The Surveillance State Then and Now

Mon, September 11, 2017 7:30 P.M.
Cost: $35.00 auditorium; $15 simulcast


Edward Snowden will appear via a live closed-circuit link.

In 2013 NSA contractor Edward Snowden shook the pillars of the worldwide intelligence community when he revealed a trove of highly classified information that exposed astonishingly widespread mass U.S. surveillance overreach on a variety of international and domestic levels. Labeled a hero and whistleblower by some, he was formally charged with espionage and has been granted asylum in Russia, where he lives in an undisclosed location. In this one-of-a-kind interview, Snowden will discuss these revelations along with the current status of the surveillance state with Jeremy Scahill, investigative journalist, co-founder of the online journal The Intercept, and author of the bestselling books Blackwater, Dirty Wars, and The Assassination Complex.

Please allow extra time to get to Parkway Central, due to extensive road work in the area.

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