Science in the Summer

The Free Library of Philadelphia is excited to partner with The Franklin Institute to present GSK Science in the Summer, a new informal summer science program for children entering grades 2-6!

Science in the Summer has been redesigned a bit this year, although the core program ideals are still at the heart of things. Curriculum is designed to increase children's value of, interest in, and confidence about doing science and pursuing STEM careers.

Be A Physicist!

This year's Be a Physicist! theme invites children to take on the role of scientists as they investigate different forms of energy and use the principles of physics to solve real-world problems.

Each activity highlights a real-world career through a story that invites children to play the role of a person in that career, while exploring how energy moves, changes, and shapes the world around them:

  • Be an Accident Investigator
  • Be a Laser Scientist
  • Be a Materials Scientist
  • Be a Power Plant Engineer
  • Be a Sound Engineer

Science in the Summer programs will take place at select libraries from June 5 to August 31, 2023. Dates and times for these programs will vary by location.

For more information, visit our Calendar of Events, stop by your neighborhood library location, or visit

Child wearing safety glasses
GSK Science in the Summer is a fun, free, hands-on science education program, which introduces students to the wonderful and fascinating world of science.