Science in the Summer—Be an Engineer!

Once again this year, Science in the Summer will be held virtually. Through online videos and at-home experiments, children can take on the roles of different engineers to solve real-world problems and join virtual research team meetings with Franklin Institute scientists and educators to share their results.

Philadelphia families may sign up for the online lottery from May 3 – May 21, 2021.

If selected, each family will receive one kit of science materials for the Environmental Engineer and Electrical Engineer activities. Participants will also receive further instructions including what library to contact to schedule their bag pick-up.

Scheduled bag pick-up will take place from June 14 – July 2. Families will use the activity guides, videos, and materials to complete their Be an Engineer activities by August 6.

Additional online content is available to download for continued exploration.

Please note that if you are not selected in the lottery, all activity guides, materials lists, and videos will be shared online, so you can still assemble your own materials and have fun being engineers at home!

Families can participate in one or more live virtual team meetings with Franklin Institute scientists and educators from July 20 – August 6. Visit each engineer's page for dates and times of team meetings and to sign up!

For more information, visit

Special thanks to GSK, in partnership with the Franklin Institute and the Free Library of Philadelphia, for offering Science in the Summer!

Childing wearing safety glasses and gloves. One hand is stabilizing a cup with a slime-like substance. The other hand is holding a tool to stretch the slime. Photo and icons courtesy of GSK Science in the Summer
GSK Science in the Summer is a fun and free science education program, featuring activity guides, videos, and materials for at-home activities!

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