Traveling Treasures

Traveling Treasures is a hands-on traveling special collection of rare literary artifacts, which participants can touch and feel.

This one-hour librarian-led program is well-suited for the classroom and is also appropriate for lifelong learners. The chosen objects are representative of some of the Rare Book Department's collections. Traveling Treasures aims to foster an appreciation for the book, for its cultural and historical value, and to inspire participants to visit the Rare Book Department in person.

View some of the items from Traveling Treasures that have been added to our Digital Collections.

While the Traveling Treasures program can be adjusted to fit your group's needs and interests, suggested topics include:

From Cuneiform Tablets to Computer Tablets

What is a book? Explore books from around the world, and how they have changed over 5,000 years of human history.

Books Beyond Words

How did readers respond to handwritten manuscripts in the Middle Ages? Examine the early editorial process of how they marked up, deleted, and added text.

Reading Pictures

How do images and text interact together?

Traveling Treasures. From the Rare Book Department of the Free Library of Philadelphia.

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