Patently Unusual

By Sharyl O. RSS Fri, September 11, 2015

Since the Free Library of Philadelphia is a Patent & Trademark Resource Center, we are able to appreciate some of the very interesting patents granted by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and by foreign patent offices around the world. Featured here are some unusual patents that are geared toward the mail…

This foreign patent is a very efficient invention for cat lovers. The lower box on the Mailbox with Stray Cat Nest is a mailbox and the upper box is a stray cat shelter. The efficiency aspect kicks in when “people can feed the cats by the way when fetching the mail[s].” Makes a trip to the mailbox a whole lot more fun! (Top image)

If you like the idea of keeping old rubber tires out of landfills, check out the Rubber Tire Mailbox, a patented device using an unwanted tire to make a mailbox. (Middle image)

Tired of junk mail cluttering up your house? Fight back by shredding it before it gets through the front door with Combined Mailbox Shredder. (Bottom image)

If you are interested in learning more about patents or trademarks (amazing, odd, or both), come to the Business, Science & Industry Department on the 2nd floor of the Parkway Central Library at 1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19103 and check us out!

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