Creepy Halloween Inventions from the Philadelphia Patent & Trademark Resource Center (PTRC)

By Sharyl O. RSS Wed, October 24, 2018

Get into the proper Halloween spirit with these hair-raising creations…

This invention features a life-sized ghoul with a “reservoir of fluids inside the head” that is triggered to vomit into a bucket when approached by unwary trick-or-treaters.  At the same time, it will play a variety of messages, such as: "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU STAND IN FRONT OF THE REGURGITATOR AAAAAAAAAA" (throw up noises at end)."
Life Size Halloween Novelty Item (2011), U.S. Patent No.7,878,878.






If you feel the urge to speak with the dearly departed this Halloween season, this Spirit-Message-Conveying Device (1919), U.S. Patent No. 1,322,727, a more high-tech version of an Ouija board, may be helpful. The inventor thought this would be a useful device since "it is quite generally acknowledged nowadays … that communications with the spirit world are possible and not infrequent." This device uses a "sensitive key" to be touched by the user and "the spirit impulse will cause said key to move … to convey the message."  It's like texting from the great beyond!

Looking for something a little spookier? This next invention is a Device for Indicating Life in Buried Persons (1887), U.S. Patent No. 371,626. In the unfortunate situation of being only apparently dead when buried, this handy apparatus responds to movement of the entombed person by opening up a vent to allow fresh air to enter the coffin, and setting off a battery-operated alarm to alert any potential passersby of the distressing situation, so a rescue can be made. (Be sure to check those batteries!)





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Happy Halloween!

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