Resources for businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic can be found via PIDC and the City of Philadelphia.

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The Business Resource & Innovation Center (BRIC) is an essential part of Philadelphia's entrepreneurial ecosystem. The BRIC creates multiple entry points for those with ideas, plans, skills, and passions, enabling people to make fact-based decisions in order to fulfill their goals. We assist entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and job seekers at every stage, helping to improve their skills through public programs and individualized guidance in research and planning. We collaborate with many local and national agencies to provide specialized programs and expert mentoring and curate print and digital resources.

Free Library of Opportunity

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Parkway Central Library
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Could the Free Library replace your office? Philly
If you're in the "I have an idea but now what?" stage of entrepreneurship, the Business Resource and Innovation Center at the Parkway Central branch makes for a great first stop. Just don't expect free coffee.

Borrow a ukulele or a necktie? Learn yoga? Unconventional ways to maximize a Free Library card.
The Philadelphia Inquirer
For its 570,441 cardholders, the Free Library system offers thousands of resources, materials, online courses, workshops, and classes.

'There will be no shushing' at Philadelphia Free Library's fancy new wing for start-ups, businesses
The Philadelphia Inquirer
In the Free Library's new Business Resource and Innovation Center, you can be as noisy as you want, even eat there. You can get free headshots taken for your LinkedIn profile, or a video of you practicing pitches. Or take a class on how to write a business plan.

Take in some jazz, give the Free Library its due, or celebrate Japanese culture
Check out the latest edition of the Free Library, exult in the beauty of Fairmount Park, or follow the footsteps of African-American artists in North Philly.

Philadelphia Free Library builds new public rooms, new modern mission
The expansion of the Library includes a new teen center with video games; a Manga animation collection, and young adult novels; a small business resource center with powerful wifi and onsite consultants; and 7,200 square feet of undetermined public space with chairs, tables, power outlets, and meeting rooms to be used however one wishes.

$35.8 Million Philadelphia Library Renovation Brings Exciting New Spaces
NBC Philadelphia
In its largest renovation since its opening in 1927, the Free Library of Philadelphia is set open 41,000 square feet of newly reimagined space within the Parkway Central Library after years of planning and renovation.

Free Library of Philadelphia Opening 41K SF of New Public Space
The Free Library of Philadelphia's renovation is the largest since it was completed in 1927, and increases the building's public space to 68 percent.

Parkway Central Library opening 41,000 square feet of new space
There will be three new areas: the Robert and Eileen Kennedy Heim Center for Cultural and Civic Engagement, the Business Resource and Innovation Center (BRIC), and the Marie and Joseph Field Teen Center.

Publication focused on serving entrepreneurs added to 'Quick Reads' series
American Library Association
Taking Care of Business in the 21st Century is the fifth installment in the Association's "Quick Reads for Busy Librarians" series. The Quick Reads series features publications under 100 pages long and covering topics deemed essential to modern public library workers.

February 2018 Volunteer of the Month
Philadelphia VIP
The Business Resource and Innovation Center (BRIC) of the Free Library of Philadelphia is a core partner of Phialdelphia VIP's LawWorks program, the city's only broad-based provider of critical legal support to the small businesses and nonprofits creating employment opportunities, generating tax revenues, and serving their communities.

Free Library to Help Entrepreneurs Make Better Pitches
Philadelphia Magazine
The Free Library's Business Resource and Innovation Center wants to teach Philly entrepreneurs a thing or two about pitching. Next week, the Parkway Central Library will launch the Pitch Corner, a new resources and space for innovators where they can hone their business pitches and strengthen elevator pitches about their assets and aptitudes.

Free Library to offer tool for entrepreneurs
The Free Library of Philadelphia on Wednesday will launch the Pitch Corner, a new tool for entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and job seekers. It's a semiprivate space in the Parkway Central Library's business center where start-ups can practice and record their pitch in front of a video camera.

Social Enterprise Innovators
Social Innovations Journal
3rd Place: BRIC librarians represented by Rebekah Ray. The Free Library of Philadelphia, Business Resource & Innovation Center (BRIC) curates information for and fosters the growth of new social enterprises and nonprofits.

The Business Resource and Innovation Center’s (BRIC) free business resources are accessible anywhere! That means you can conduct business research at your leisure from the comfort of your home. So grab your cat, a hot beverage, and your business plan template . It’s time to get your research on! Whether you’re… continue reading

By Gillian R.   June 25, 2020   

Check out some of our favorite business resources, accessible from anywhere with your library card number and PIN. Most of BRIC ’s business resources are also available from anywhere.   10. Gale ebooks Do you find yourself wishing you could check out those big fancy hard-backed reference books? Here’s your chance to… continue reading

By Gillian R.   May 12, 2020   

Across Philadelphia, businesses are experiencing unexpected challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic . If you’re currently thinking about entrepreneurship for the first time or you’re an established business owner, the Business Resource and Innovation Center (BRIC) has resources to help support your current needs.… continue reading

By Gillian R.   April 30, 2020   

Employers these days are turning to virtual interviews to avoid the health risks of face-to-face interviews during COVID-19 pandemic To prepare for virtual interviews you can practice with Big Interview , a resource offered through our partners at PA CareerLink® . In addition to offering video lessons on all aspects of… continue reading

By Margaret T.   April 22, 2020   

Are you interested in protecting your business name or invention with a trademark or patent? During the current quarantine for COVID-19 , you can still begin working on these processes from home. See below for patent & trademark resources from the Free Library and how to get started:   Basic Facts: Trademarks, Patents, and… continue reading

By Sharyl O.   April 16, 2020   

I am a Monopoly lover! This celebrated board game became popular in the 1930s after it was patented by Philadelphia inventor Charles B. Darrow , who lived on W. Hortter St. in the West Mt. Airy area of Philadelphia. Mr. Darrow was out of work and hoped to generate some income by selling the game. He didn’t have a sudden… continue reading

By Sharyl O.   February 11, 2020   

Do you absolutely love job interviews and eagerly anticipate your next opportunity to tell strangers about yourself? Or do you have nightmares where you go to an interview and forget your own name? The following online resources (available with your library card number and PIN from Workplace ) can help take the stress out of preparing… continue reading

By Karen H.   November 26, 2019    1

The Nonprofit Job Fair returns to Parkway Central Library on October 23 and the Business Resource and Innovation Center staff have the resources to help you make a great first impression! After brushing up on our all-purpose job fair tips , use these tools to learn what makes job seeking in the nonprofit and social impact sectors… continue reading

By Caity R.   October 15, 2019    2

The Free Library of Philadelphia is pleased to present a series of upcoming job fairs, made possible by Citizens Charitable Foundation. The series will kick off with a special nonprofit job fair on Wednesday, October 23 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Parkway Central Library . Additional job fairs will be taking place at the following… continue reading

By Jenn D.   October 10, 2019    1

Searching for a new job can be scary, especially when you have no idea how to start or where to look!  These local Philadelphia resources can help take the mystery out of finding the perfect job. Halloween should be spooky, but looking for your next employment opportunity doesn’t have to be. Greater Philadelphia Cultural… continue reading

By Karen H.   October 9, 2019   

Since 2016, the Business Resource and Innovation Center (BRIC) has been a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, nonprofits, inventors, and job seekers at the Free Library. We’ve helped thousands of people enhance their skills through public programs and individualized guidance in research and planning. BRIC staff is thrilled to grow… continue reading

By Gillian R.   April 2, 2019    1

Happy National Inventors’ Day! This special day was proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983 “in recognition of the enormous contribution inventors make to the nation and the world.” It is celebrated each year on February 11 in honor of the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison . Edison (1847-1931), a very prolific… continue reading

By Sharyl O.   February 11, 2019    1

We're thankful for these inventions that help us make the Thansgiving feast and all the festivties more enjoyable and fun!   Automatic mashed potato system (2007) U.S. Patent No. 7172335 Mashed potatoes are a favorite  Thanksgiving dish, but can be time-intensive to prepare. The cook has to peel the potatoes, boil &… continue reading

By Sharyl O.   November 20, 2018   

Get into the proper Halloween spirit with these hair-raising creations… This invention   features a life-sized ghoul with a “reservoir of fluids inside the head” that is triggered to vomit into a bucket when approached by unwary trick-or-treaters.  At the same time, it will play a variety of messages, such… continue reading

By Sharyl O.   October 24, 2018   

What’s on your resume is just as important as what’s not on it. Last month we learned how to revamp a tired resume . Now it’s time to determine what should be left off! Here are the top ten things you should never include on your resume:   10. Hobbies and interests Don’t include items that are irrelevant… continue reading

By Gillian R.   June 26, 2018    6

The Workplace , a service of the Business Resource & Innovation Center , is excited to announce our latest FREE resource: monthly resume review ! Our newest staff member, Janet, has 20 years of management experience with a background in education and public service, as well as being responsible for interviewing and hiring… continue reading

By Gillian R.   May 30, 2018   

The Workplace is a service that supports job seekers within the Business Resource & Innovation Center at Parkway Central Library , providing current information and resources on changing careers, job searching techniques, and emerging employment fields to help career changers and job seekers achieve their goals. Whether you are… continue reading

By Gillian R.   March 26, 2018    1

I recently spoke with a familair face at Parkway Central Library —Sean Early, the Digital Resource Specialist in the Workplace , a service that supports job seekers within the Business Resource & Innovation Center (BRIC) at the Free Library of Philadelphia. He tells me why he loves his job and why you should make an… continue reading

By Gillian R.   January 11, 2018   

In this edition of Partner Spotlight, we are thrilled to speak with  Herman Nyamunga , the Director of  the Welcoming Center's Global Enterprise Hub ! In this role, Herman provides technical assistance to entrepreneurs and business owners to successfully establish, stabilize, and expand their microenterprises. Herman is… continue reading

By CaitlinT   October 12, 2017   

This month, we're excited to speak with Cynthia Estremera, the Community Engagement Liaison for Best for PHL . Best for PHL, an initiative of Impact PHL , seeks to improve our region by educating the business community on how they can make a social impact. Best for PHL assists these businesses as they identify how they may be… continue reading

By CaitlinT   September 26, 2017