Congratulations on the Launch of the Languages and Learning Center!

By Naomie N. RSS Wed, September 18, 2019

by Guest Author: Naomie Nyanungo - Senior Director, Office of Adult Education




If you are an adult education practitioner or adult learner in Philadelphia, you are probably as happy as I am about the launch of the Languages and Learning Center (LLC) at the Free Library.  LLC will be an invaluable resource for learners, tutors/instructors, and programs across Philadelphia. Here are three important reasons why we are happy about the Languages and Learning Center:

  • Space
    The Languages and Learning Center will offer a quiet, supportive environment for adult learners to do independent work or meet with a tutor. It is the ideal space for learners to focus on their work knowing that everyone there is cheering them on toward their education, career, and life goals.
  • Instructional and Learning Materials
    Finding the right materials for instruction can be challenging. LLC staff can help learners and practitioners find what they need from the shelves or online resources and databases. There are plenty of materials available to support English language learners and adult basic education learners.
  • Connections
    The LLC will always be a place to make connections. For example, if you are a learner looking for an adult education class, the Languages and Learning Center staff will be able to schedule you an appointment at the nearest myPLACE campus for assessment and placement. If you are looking for a public access computer lab, they will be able to help you find a KEYSPOT lab in your neighborhood. 

On behalf of the Office of Adult Education, a division of the Office of Workforce Development and the 40+ programs with whom we partner to deliver adult education services across the City of Philadelphia, I congratulate the Free Library on the launch of the Languages and Learning Center. LLC is a great complement to Philadelphia’s adult education system, myPLACE, as it ensures that programs, practitioners, and learners can access resources for teaching and learning. We look forward to continuing our partnership to better support the provision of quality adult education in Philadelphia.

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