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The last Thursday of February each year is known as  Digital Learning Day — a day dedicated to innovative, future-focused education that utilizes technology. At the Free… continue reading Celebrate Digital Learning with the Free Library's Resource Database

By written by Bridget G.    February 15, 2024   

December is Learn a Foreign Language Month and we’re celebrating at the Free Library. Many languages are in danger of dying out and estimates show about 3,000 languages becoming lost before… continue reading Endangered Language Spotlight: The Okinawan Languages

By written by Kim M.    December 28, 2023   

December includes International Volunteer Day — which takes place on December 5th — but here at the Free Library, we celebrate our volunteers all year round! Many of the programs… continue reading My Experience Volunteering with the Free Library

By written by Marjorie S.    December 20, 2023   

December is National Learn a Foreign Language Month, but Languages and Learning at the Free Library celebrates language learning all year! Here in Philadelphia, over 180 different languages are… continue reading December is Learn a Foreign Language Month

By written by Meredith M.    December 19, 2023   

Are you an inventor, artist, entrepreneur, or small business owner interested in learning how to protect your idea and business assets? The Free Library of Philadelphia's  Patent and… continue reading Patent and Trademark Resource Center Appointments Now Available

By written by Raymond W.    November 3, 2023    1

Do you need one-on-one help to sharpen your reading and writing skills? Then consider requesting a tutor with the Free Library of Philadelphia! The Free Library Tutoring Program pairs adult… continue reading Request a Tutor With the Free Library

By written by Betsy M.    October 10, 2023   

The Languages and Learning Center offers relevant and engaging programs and resources for English language learners. Here are seven great ways we can help you learn, improve, and speak… continue reading 7 Great Ways To Improve Your English With the Free Library

By written by Lindsay S.    September 27, 2023    6

Looking for learning resources to help you and your family prepare for kindergarten, conquer the back-to-school routine, or explore a new adult learning path? The Free Library has plenty to offer,… continue reading Online Resources for Learners of All Ages

By written by Emily S.    September 8, 2023    2

Do you want to use your knowledge and experience to give back to the Philadelphia community? Then consider becoming a tutor with the Free Library of Philadelphia! The Free Library is looking for… continue reading The Free Library Seeks Volunteer Tutors

By written by Betsy M.    August 28, 2023    1

¡Leamos! es un curso gratuito de alfabetización con componentes en línea y presenciales que enseña a adultos hispanohablantes y analfabetos a leer y escribir en… continue reading Leamos! Adult Literacy for Spanish Speakers

By written by Betsy M.    August 22, 2023    1

If you don't have a high school diploma, it's not too late to obtain your credentials! The Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (CSSD) is a "high school equivalency credential… continue reading Practice for Your GED With the Free Library

By written by Jamie B.    May 16, 2023   

Did you know that studying a world language can improve your concentration and memory ? That’s good news for Europe, where most countries have national-level requirements that students study… continue reading Learn a World Language With the Free Library

By written by Jamie B.    March 21, 2023    2

The Languages and Learning Center (LLC) is excited to introduce the members of our Participant Advisory Board (PAB) to the Free Library community. Our Participant Advisory Board launched in June… continue reading Introducing the Languages and Learning Center’s Participant Advisory Board

By written by Lindsay S.    October 27, 2022    1

by Spencer Duncan, Digital Equity Vista at the Office of Innovation and Technology Helping Philadelphians get access to devices is a key goal in Philadelphia’s Digital Equity Plan . Experts… continue reading Find free or low-cost laptops and computers

By written by Administrator    April 7, 2022    2

Would you like to teach adults to read? There are many people who need this help and very few places where they can get it. The Free Library is dedicated to advancing literacy for all. To this… continue reading Adults CAN Learn to READ

By written by Rachel H.    March 25, 2022   

Would you like to learn a new language for an upcoming vacation? Or would you like to share the love of your language with someone? As the New Year approaches, the Languages and Learning Center is… continue reading Introducing World Language Tutoring

By written by Rachel H.    December 14, 2021   

PA CareerLink® has partnered with the Free Library since 2019 to provide in-person job seeker services at neighborhood libraries around Philadelphia. Although the pandemic disrupted those… continue reading PA CareerLink® is Back at the Free Library!

By written by Margaret T.    October 19, 2021    2

by Mishelle Mironov, Intern, Languages & Learning Center Have you always wanted to make a difference in someone’s life? Have you wanted to use your knowledge and experience to give back… continue reading Become a Tutor for Adult Learners

By written by Rachel H.    July 28, 2021   

Have you been thinking about returning to school to obtain your high school diploma? Whether you want to qualify for a higher-paying job, get a promotion, continue your education, or… continue reading Take a GED® or HiSET® Preparation Course with the Free Library

By written by Rachel H.    May 19, 2021    5