Using the City's Online Maps to Find Free Food Distribution and COVID-19 Testing Sites

By Michael R. RSS Thu, November 19, 2020

As COVID-19 cases surge in our city, Philadelphia health officials have announced a new Safer at Home plan, which aims to limit the spread of this virus through this difficult period.

Vaccines for COVID-19 are currently under development but not yet available, and safety precautions for avoiding the spread of this virus remain vital. Staying at home as much as possible, wearing a mask, frequent hand washing, following social distancing guidelines, and getting tested all have impacts on how we can flatten the curve of this virus. 

The Free Library's Hot Spots program has been creating content to promote digital literacy learning and connect Philadelphians to resources during this time that the virus has forced our computer labs to remain closed. As the ongoing pandemic continues to challenge our city, we would like to offer two video tutorials on how to find free food distribution and COVID-19 testing sites in Philadelphia.


How to Find Food Distribution Sites
The City has developed an online map for finding free food distribution sites. These are offered as the economic impact of COVID-19, along with school closures, continues to affect residents. If you're interested in finding the closest sites near you—whether those offering food boxes, student meals, and food for seniors—you can view the online map. We have made a video tutorial explaining how to use this map tool as well, designed for ease with beginning computer users.


How to Find COVID-19 Testing Sites
To help residents get access to testing, the City has developed an online map of all COVID-19 testing sites within Philadelphia. You can use this map to locate a test site that fits your needs,  according to eligibility, hours of operation, and location. You can watch our video tutorial on using this online map tool below. This tutorial was designed with beginner computer users in mind, especially those who might be new to using online map tools.


We hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy during these difficult times, and we look forward to when we can re-open our computer labs to serve you safely in person!

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