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August is Get Ready for Kindergarten Month. It's a big step for little ones and an important milestone for both kids and parents. Some kids are very excited to go, while others need… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Get Ready for Kindergarten!

By written by Monica C.    August 14, 2023   

July is Disability Pride Month, celebrating the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in July 1990. It was a landmark legislation that changed the way people with disabilities… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Disability Pride Month

By written by Monica C.    July 20, 2023   

It's July, it is hot outside, and what could be better than a trip to the beach? Imagine yourself spending a day in the sun, dipping into the ocean, playing in the sand, and having an… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | It's Beach Time!

By written by Monica C.    July 11, 2023   

Get ready to party! We are celebrating 50 years since hip hop entered the music scene and changed everything. Learn how it all began and see for yourself how the music, the beat and the… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop

By written by Monica C.    June 20, 2023   

We have some new books about Juneteenth to recommend! Last year our similar  blog post suggested new titles that had been published and added to our collection. Here are some more to add… continue reading 6 New Children's Books Celebrating Juneteenth!

By written by Monica C.    June 12, 2023   

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month — a perfect time to highlight some recent books written and/or illustrated by Asian creators. We've done it in the past, and you… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

By written by Monica C.    May 8, 2023   

Planet Earth is our only home, and it belongs to more than human beings; it is home to all animals and plants, all life forms above and below water. It is such a magic, glorious,… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Earth Day

By written by Monica C.    April 20, 2023    1

April is National Poetry Month. It is fitting for it to be so, at the start of spring, at the start of renewal and new life. Everyone can be a poet and see poems in the world,… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | National Poetry Month

By written by Monica C.    April 12, 2023   

Did you know? April 2 is International Children's Book Day . I know I'm biased, but I LOVE children's books, especially picture books. Here in the United States hundreds of… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | International Children's Book Day

By written by Monica C.    April 3, 2023   

March is Women’s History Month , and we're happy to be back, highlighting books about remarkable women from the past and present — trailblazers in their own… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Women's History Month

By written by Monica C.    March 16, 2023   

A sure sign that spring is around the corner is the start of The Philadelphia Flower Show , a tradition that dates back to 1829. After a long winter, it's such a joy to see flowers… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Flower Power

By written by Monica C.    March 6, 2023   

Did you know? This year, February 27 is National Polar Bear Day. A day to celebrate and learn about polar bears is always a good day! A great place to start is right here at the library — we… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | National Polar Bear Day

By written by Monica C.    February 27, 2023   

This February as we celebrate Black History Month, we want to recommend some pictures books published in 2022 that were written and/or illustrated by Black creators. In the following list,… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Black History Month

By written by Monica C.    February 13, 2023   

When looking for funny books to read aloud, one can’t go wrong with books about underwear. It’s undeniable that kids love stories about underwear; there’s something… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Underwear!

By written by Monica C.    January 25, 2023   

It’s a brand-new year and a new celebration is getting near: Chinese New Year. It is also called Lunar New Year because the festivities fall from the first new moon to the next full… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Happy Lunar New Year!

By written by Monica C.    January 18, 2023   

The days are shorter and the temperatures have dropped. It's offcial, winter is here. It's time to bundle up, time to go out for brisk walks and nice hot chocolate. It is also a great time… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Winter

By written by Monica C.    December 22, 2022   

Learning when and how to apologize is a critical skill. Apologizing is not an easy thing to do, but it is such an important and necessary behavior in any social situation: among friends, family,… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Saying Sorry

By written by Monica C.    November 8, 2022   

We all worry from time to time, and that can be a good thing, especially when it helps us plan and prepare. But sometimes, one can worry too much. For instance, worrying about things that… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Dealing with Worry

By written by Monica C.    October 31, 2022   

Fall has begun and that’s pumpkin time! As I walk around the neighborhood, I have started to see pumpkins outside supermarkets and door stoops. Trips to pumpkin patches are being… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Pumpkin time!

By written by Monica C.    October 24, 2022   

It's time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which takes place this year from September 15 through October 15. We'd like to celebrate by highlighting the amazing work of… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | 18 Great New Latinx Picture Books

By written by Monica C.    September 14, 2022