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March is Women's History Month! Did you know that Women’s History Month has its roots in the struggle for workers’ rights? In 1908, women garment workers protested the poor… continue reading Teen Reads for Women's History Month

By written by Verónica M.    March 6, 2024   

Since its official designation in March of 1987, Women’s History Month has become a time to celebrate the valuable contributions and achievements of women throughout American history, across… continue reading Celebrating Women’s History Month with Philadelphia Authors

By written by Erin S.    March 6, 2024   

Due to the success of our Little Free(dom) Library initiative, Visit Philadelphia is extending the campaign — which makes banned books available to residents and visitors for free… continue reading Celebrate Women's History Month With New Additions to Our Little Free(dom) Libraries

By written by Administrator    March 4, 2024    2

Happy Women’s History Month , Philadelphia! What began as a local educational initiative in Sonoma, California 46 years ago, has evolved into a month-long celebration "commemorating and… continue reading It's Women's History Month in March!

By written by Jennifer E.    March 1, 2024    2

Over the years, the Philadelphia Commission for Women has partnered with the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women on vital programs to… continue reading Comrade Sisters: Women of the Black Panther Party

By written by Suzanna U.    March 22, 2023    1

March is Women’s History Month , and we're happy to be back, highlighting books about remarkable women from the past and present — trailblazers in their own… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Women's History Month

By written by Monica C.    March 16, 2023   

March is Women's History Month and the Free Library Author Events podcast page and YouTube channel have scores of aptly themed book talks. To start you on your way, here are TEN favorites from… continue reading Observe Women’s History Month With the Free Library Podcast

By written by Jason F.    March 13, 2023   

March is National Women’s History Month , and the Free Library’s author events series will feature five related authors who are making history in literary fiction, the business world,… continue reading 5 Upcoming Author Events for Women's History Month

By written by Jason F.    March 6, 2023   

Here in the northern hemisphere, the month of March is known for its changeable nature — predictable unpredictability, you might say! After all, it is the start of spring, a season of thaw… continue reading Women’s History is for Everyone, Especially Kids and Teens

By written by Emily S.    March 1, 2023   

March is Women's History Month , and the Free Library is excited to spend the month celebrating!  Women's History Month as we know it today began as a celebration of Women's… continue reading It's Women's History Month at the Library!

By written by Kate C.    March 1, 2023   

This March, we're celebrating Women's History Month by exploring titles created by and featuring women! Our children's titles feature adventure and inspiration, while… continue reading New Titles Coming to the Free Library in March!

By written by Rachel F.    February 28, 2023   

This March, celebrate Women’s History Month with the Free Library! Women’s History Month originally began as a celebration of Women’s History Week. Congress passed Pub. L. 97-28… continue reading March Is Women's History Month

By written by Inaara S.    March 1, 2022   

Araminta (Minty) Ross was born a slave in March 1821. As a free woman, she was reborn under the name of Harriet Tubman. As the conductor of the Underground Railroad, Harriet was named the Moses of… continue reading Harriet Tubman’s Legacy

By written by Mary Marques    February 3, 2022   

by Suzanna Urminska and Sam Perduta Our words carry power—whether as balm or as burnish, our words have the power to come together to form poetry that recalls and reconnects a range of human… continue reading Making Her Mark Spotlight: Poetry and Movement Building

By written by Sam P.    April 5, 2021   

Ruth Jones Graves, a dietitian, educator, author, and business owner, was born on June 17, 1903, in East Walpole, Massachusetts. She is credited with inventing the very first chocolate chip… continue reading Women's History Month | Ruth Wakefield and the Toll House Cookie Empire

By written by Naquawna L.    March 30, 2021   

Ursula K. Le Guin 's award-winning writing often depicted futuristic alternative worlds steeped in the themes of politics, the natural environment, gender, religion, sexuality, and… continue reading Women's History Month | Ursula K. Le Guin Honored with Commemorative Stamp

By written by Peter SM    March 29, 2021   

When the 19th Amendment passed in 1920, the ways many American women engage civically forever changed. Voter enfranchisement continues to be a touchpoint for movements dedicated to participatory… continue reading Women's History Month | The 19th Amendment and Making Her Mark

By written by Suzanna U.    March 26, 2021   

March is Women’s History Month, so let’s take a look at some books highlighting daring women who fought for their rights, who stood up for what is right, and who made a better world… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Women in Action

By written by Monica C.    March 25, 2021   

by Brianna Arce - LEAP Teen Leader Happy Women’s History Month! This month we celebrate the contributions of women to history, culture, and society. As a young Latina woman, I wish to see… continue reading Teen Author Content | Inspiring BIPOC Women

By written by Emily S.    March 23, 2021   

“And, of course, men know best about everything, except what women know better.” - George Eliot In honor of Women’s History Month, we are excited to spotlight a woman who… continue reading Women's History Month | Spotlight on Mary Ann Evans aka George Eliot

By written by Karen K.    March 19, 2021    9

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