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If you’re a fan of the Free Library’s Music Department on Facebook , you already know about the rousing pop-up performance Mimi Stillman gave us on Tuesday, November 13 th .  As… continue reading Watch Mimi Stillman perform in the library!

By written by Perry G.    December 14, 2012   

function toggle(element) { document.getElementById(element).style.display = (document.getElementById(element).style.display == "none") ? "" : "none"; } On July 26, 1775 – 237 years ago… continue reading Going Postal : Vintage and Historic Sheet Music Featuring Letters, Mail, and Stamps

By written by Perry G.    July 26, 2012    2

We could write a billion posts about Philadelphia musicians who’ve taken their instruments to new heights. Grover Washington with his sax. Lee Morgan on trumpet. But, as far as playing the… continue reading Happy Birthday, Stanley Clarke!

By written by Perry G.    June 28, 2012    1