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I will admit when I'm asked what I enjoy reading, my typical response is “science-fiction, fantasy, regency romance, street-lit, and quirky fiction novels.” I rarely mention the… continue reading

By Camille T.   November 30, 2015   

Queen Memorial Library is happy to have received hand-made blocks to increase the possibilities of play at the library. The Friday Woodworking Club, taught by The… continue reading

By Joel N.   November 30, 2015   

This week in Philly: Nov. 23-Nov. 29 Have a jamming time at the Free Library of Philadelphia Central (1901 Vine St.) when cookbook author and food blogger Marisa McClellan and… continue reading

By Samantha M.   November 30, 2015   

My name is Peter and I LOVE bad movies. I say—the worse, the better! Schlocky scripts, rubber monsters, awful acting, melodramatic bio pics, big budget special fx-laden flops—I'll… continue reading

By Peter SM   November 27, 2015    2

I’m gonna read it... Oh, it’s going to be the next book I pick up... everyone I know has been talking about it, so I will definitely read it... … is maybe what goes through your… continue reading

By Julie B.   November 25, 2015   

By Kristine Johnson College Prep Specialist The journey to and through college can be challenging for even the most prepared of students. Often times, the skills needed for success in collegiate… continue reading

By Aisha A.   November 25, 2015    1

I don’t usually read children’s stories about ponies. Or Christian-themed mysteries. Or romance novels set during World War I. There’s nothing wrong with these types of… continue reading

By Peter L.   November 24, 2015   

I am a librarian and I do not like to read literature. There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read—I just don’t like “the classics” as a… continue reading

By Jen W.   November 23, 2015    7

Here are the Top 10 ebooks downloaded from the Free Library's OverDrive Digital Library in October 2015. More than 84,400 ebooks were checked out and downloaded for the month! Children's… continue reading

By Peter SM   November 20, 2015   

This week in Philly: Nov. 16-Nov.22 Feeling up for a night of pork and beer? Local butchers will demo  hog butchering  at the  Free Library of Philadelphia  (1901… continue reading

By Samantha M.   November 20, 2015   

When I was growing up you had to have a special sticker on your library card to be allowed to take out adult books. Eventually I convinced my parents that I had read every book in the kid’s… continue reading

By Dena   November 20, 2015   

We like to think that history is fact. History as a thing is merely “events of the past”; and history the subject is the study of those events. But upon closer study, it becomes clear… continue reading

By Julie B.   November 18, 2015    2

When new acquaintances find out I’m a librarian, our conversations generally go in one of two directions—either people apologize for not reading enough OR they quiz me about the latest… continue reading

By Rachel F.   November 17, 2015    4

This month the Free Library is celebrating #NoShameNovember by encouraging you to read whatever you like—no shame, no judgement. So let's bust out the bodice rippers and… continue reading

By Jamie W.   November 16, 2015   

Around South Philly 11-5-2015 Photo of the Fumo Family Branch, 2437 S. Broad St.., oversaw a Haunted Carnival Oct. 28.   On the Boards The Free Library of… continue reading

By Samantha M.   November 13, 2015   

I used to watch a lot of true crime shows. My roster? Fatal Vows , Nightmare Next Door , Snapped , Homicide Hunter , and  Stalke d, which told the stories of real crimes and how they were… continue reading

By Kalela W.   November 13, 2015    1

There aren’t many books whose covers I am ashamed to bare to the world as I read. I read a lot of self-help ( Gretchen Rubin ), pop culture ( Chuck Klosterman ), and anything I am drawn to… continue reading

By Kate C.   November 12, 2015    1

In choosing Twelve Years a Slave as a One Book companion text to featured selection Cold Mountain, the Library has sought both to broaden and enhance the discussion of a critical yet awful time in… continue reading

By Julie B.   November 11, 2015    1

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of The Print Center , and organizations citywide, including the Free Library of Philadelphia Print and Picture Collection , are joining in the celebration. The… continue reading

By Laura S.   November 10, 2015   

Since 2014, the Free Library’s new Regional Operations Center (ROC) has been open—open to staff, not the public. And while requesting most books from this offsite location is no… continue reading

By Timothy F.   November 10, 2015    2