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The Free Library is proud to be a part of the “Celebrate Arts and Aging” festival (beginning May 1), organized by the Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging in honor of Older Americans… continue reading

By Alix G.   April 29, 2011   

The Street Lit Book Award Medal Committee comprises of a group of volunteer librarians and library workers from across the U.S. who work with Street Lit and its readers in public and school… continue reading

By Music Department   April 27, 2011    6

The Very Hungry Caterpillar was one of my favorite books as a child, and when I stumbled across this video of author and illustrator Eric Carle explaining the idea behind the popular book I was… continue reading

By Sarah S.   April 26, 2011   

Okay, I’ll admit it - I’m kind of excited about the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton . I mean, who doesn’t like a good wedding and a royal one to boot? The… continue reading

By Camille T.   April 25, 2011    4

Happy 100th Birthday, Evaline Ness! Born on April 24, 1911, Ness was an award-winning author and illustrator of children’s books whose glamorous life would translate well to the silver… continue reading

By Adrienne P.   April 21, 2011   

Public libraries, including the Free Library, have long been stymied that the ebooks we offer were not usable on Kindles. This was an industry issue that we ourselves were not able to… continue reading

By Anne L.    April 21, 2011    8

Are you trying to raise a reader ? Even babies and toddlers who can’t talk yet are learning skills that will make them better and more enthusiastic readers. By inspiring and encouraging… continue reading

By Sarah S.   April 19, 2011    3

The 2011 Pulitzer Prize winners for Letters have just been announced, and we see some familiar names on that list! In the past few months, the Free Library's award-winning Author Events Series… continue reading

By Michelle S.   April 18, 2011   

Come on out to the Philadelphia Book Festival  tomorrow, April 16, on the busy and beautiful Benjamin Franklin Parkway for a day full of free events and exciting programming for… continue reading

By Michelle S.   April 15, 2011   

The other day I saw a preview for a new show on HBO called Game of Thrones . I was intrigued because it featured medieval costumes, talk about honor, swords, and multiple and seemingly complex… continue reading

By Camille T.   April 14, 2011    3

The first Free Library Hot Spot officially opens today! Deputy Mayor Mike DiBerardinis and Free Library President and Director Siobhan Reardon will cut the ribbon on the Hot Spot at Heavenly… continue reading

By Jenn D.   April 13, 2011   

The Children’s Literature Research Collection is pleased to announce a new exhibit featuring the papers of celebrated children’s author Lloyd Alexander . It is now on display on the… continue reading

By Caitlin G.   April 12, 2011   

Today marks the start of National Library Week and the start of our fifth annual Philadelphia Book Festival ! Tonight, we're welcoming musician Jay Ansill , acclaimed authors Dolen Perkins-Valdez… continue reading

By Michelle S.   April 11, 2011    2

What is it about Jane Austen ’s character Mr. Darcy from the novel Pride and Prejudice that has captivated audiences for last 198 years? This character has been re-imagined countless times,… continue reading

By Camille T.   April 8, 2011   

This is just a reminder that the Free Library of Philadelphia system--including all branches, regional libraries, Parkway Central, and the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped--will be… continue reading

By Michelle S.   April 7, 2011    1

Columbia Professor Manning Marable recently passed away April 1, 2011, three days before the publication of his new biography of Malcolm X, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention . Professor Marable has… continue reading

By Camille T.   April 6, 2011   

Narrative skills-- the ability to tell or retell a story, or to narrate a series of events --are key pre-literacy skills that every child needs in order to become a motivated and successful… continue reading

By Sarah S.   April 5, 2011   

How much of an author’s own life is represented in their books? This thought occurred to me as I was working on Virginia Lee Burton’s collection, processed though a CLIR grant for… continue reading

By Adrienne P.   April 4, 2011