Brittney’s Brain: How the Language of Conservation Impacts Other Aspects of my Life

By Brittney M. RSS Thu, July 16, 2015

Personally, I am unable to compartmentalize the important language of conservation and the skills that come along with it. I have though applied skills adopted from interning at Collection Care for personal use. For example, by learning to book bind, I am now able to create small books. These books allow for information, art, poetry, and other topics to become more accessible amongst my friends. From learning about the physical properties of the books, I have grown to become much more aware of the significance of information’s accessibility.

Additionally, I am now able to create special boxes customized to store fragile objects and things easily lost. I feel that this skill is invaluable because it requires minimal resources (one piece of board) to preserve and store one’s belongings. Interning at Collection Care has also taught me the cruciality of documenting my work in order to preserve the process and steps that go into a project. By photographing my work step by step, I am not only just simply documenting each phase of it, but I am also learning about myself as an artist and documenting my growth. Equally vital, I have also come to consider what really goes on behind the scenes of a museum or art gallery. I realize art does not appear on pristine white walls without much consideration and thought.

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How cool to see artists and conservators sensitized by working together!
M - Philadelphia
Friday, July 17, 2015