#FLPNoShameNovember: Will You Accept This Rose?

By Kate C. RSS Thu, November 3, 2016

Now that our second year of #FLPNoShameNovember has begun, I racked my brain to decide what to write about. Last year, I confessed my love of tabloid magazines, specifically People. This year, I decided to go a slightly different direction, albeit still rooted in my general love for all things celebrity. So, today, I hereby declare that—yes, it’s true… I LOVE THE BACHELOR. The whole franchise: The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise (RIP Bachelor Pad), After The Final Rose, The Women Tell All, and The Men Tell All. You name it—I am a proud member of the Bachelor Nation!

I know, I know. When you combine my two #FLPNoShameNovember confessions, you’re probably drawing a few conclusions about me as a human. I promise, I do have varied interests, and I actually read books and watch movies and television shows of substance. But for me, a love for these two "genres", if you will, really stems from a need to unplug; to watch or read something mindless at the end of the day (and, The Bachelor airs on Mondays - even better). Sometimes I am in the mood to go home after a long day and dig into an old classic. For the most part, nothing appeals to me more than plopping down on the couch with a nice glass of wine and waiting to find out who our handsome hunk will give his roses to that week. And, let’s face it, I’ll wake up and read the recap blogs the next morning.

I think there’s something to be said for taking a few hours (every week, for a good part of the year…) for ourselves to devote to something silly, something that doesn’t have to do anything other than make us laugh (or, occasionally, cringe). Life can be hard, you guys! Adulting is no joke! That’s why we’re spending this month celebrating the things we love to read, even if it’s something we think we’re not supposed to admit to. That’s what #FLPNoShameNovember is all about, after all!

Are you, too, a Bachelor lover? Pair your wine and viewing party with these reads – available in our catalog – about the reality TV phenomenon. (See, there are whole books devoted to this stuff! It’s not all bad!)

For the entire month of November, Free Library staff will be embracing our so-called “guilty pleasures” without embarrassment! Join in and show us your pride for whatever you’re reading, watching, or listening to by snapping a photo with the hashtag #FLPNoShameNovember. We’ll feature your photos on our social media accounts and curate a list of the now-shameless titles!

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