November 7th is Election Day

By Christina P. RSS Mon, November 6, 2017

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th throughout the state of Pennsylvania. During this general election, Philadelphians will elect both a new District Attorney and City Controller, as well as:

  • Nine new judges on Philadelphia County’s Court of Common Pleas
  • Two new judges on the Philadelphia Municipal Court
  • Election officials: One Judge of Elections and two Inspectors of Election in each of the city’s 1,686 voting divisions—5058 positions total
  • One seat on PA’s Supreme Court
  • Four seats on PA’s Superior Court
  • Two seats on PA’s Commonwealth Court

Also on the ballot:

  • One statewide ballot question: The Homestead Exclusion Amendment
  • A bond question asking whether the city should borrow money for various capital projects

View a sample ballot to review and printout your choices before heading to the polls »

Polls open at 7:00 a.m. and will remain open until 8:00 p.m.
Various institutions, including schools, recreation centers, and libraries, will serve as polling places. If you need to find your polling place, check your voter registration status, or research the candidates, please visit the The Committee of Seventy's comprehensive website.
(note: The Committee of Seventy, which is a non-partisan and nonprofit organization, does not endorse any specific candidate or special interests.)

Do you know why we vote on the first Tuesday after November 2?

The answers lie in history:

  • Weekends were not an option due to religious services.
  • Wednesdays were market days for farmers.
  • People needed one day to travel to their polling places, which were not always close to home.
  • November 1 was ruled out due to businesses completing accounting for the previous month.

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