It's Time for the Winter Reading Challenge!

By Molly B. RSS Wed, December 5, 2018

December is here and that means it’s time for the Winter Reading Challenge!

Adults, parents, and students can create accounts online to track reading minutes, practice writing book reviews, and read book reviews completed by their peers. There is also an option to register a class or group—perfect for daytime teachers, after-school leaders, and child care centers. With the certainty of more chilly days ahead, why not use the indoor time to start a reading habit for the whole family?

The Winter Reading Challenge has four age-based tracks: one for birth-5 years (babies, toddlers, and Pre-K), 6-11 years (school aged), 12-18 years (teens), and 19+ (adults). Each track includes activities people can do to earn badges and have fun learning (and relaxing!) during the winter break. Need more motivation? We know that reading regularly helps children build communication skills and increases their empathy. Reading also improves focus and memory in adults. If the cold weather has you feeling blue, check out some of our new titles and dive into the Winter Reading Challenge!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register to earn your first badge.
  2. Track how many minutes you read, write book reviews, and complete activities to earn badges!
  3. Receive a chance to win the mystery raffle for each badge you complete.

How many badges can you earn? Let us know which books you'll be reading this month in the comments below.

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My daughter is 11. She has a learning disability. She was giving the I.E.P. Exam this year and we found that her comprehinsion skills are at a 3rd grade level. She can read bit don't understand a lot of word meanings. Are there any free reading programs available online? I get government assistance because her dad don't pay child support. I'm broke and don't have a car to go to our local library and the school is funny about letting kids take books home anymore.. Can u help us?
April - Indianapolis, Indiana
Thursday, December 6, 2018

Hi, the library reading program is a great encouragement and incentive for your child as you work with your daughter on her reading. Children love being recognized and rewarded for their learning efforts! I am an advocate for my child too, so I understand your concerns. The following list are organizations that can help give you support and help you research online learning options for your child. A great website for parents of children with learning disabilities is: You can make an appointment online to speak to a learning support resource for advice. You can also call your state education hotline or state education resources and they can help you find reading programs for your child. I also recommend checking with your state disability hotline. Also try checking with local organizations specific to your child's disability, you can search for them online by your city and the type of disability. Last but not least, I also recommend searching online for national organizations for the specific disability (ie, dyslexia, ADHD, etc). You can call or email national organizations and they can be a great help directing you to support and resources. I wish you and your child the best!
Angela - Philadelphia
Thursday, December 20, 2018