Straight from the Source—Philly Tap Water is Safe and Delicious!

By Caity R. RSS Thu, April 23, 2020

As we have all come to learn recently, finding certain items at the grocery store or through online shopping has become much more difficult than usual. Shelves are often cleared of milk, bread, eggs… and bottled water? 

The run on bottled water across the region is a little more surprising, especially since Philadelphia has great tap water in bountiful supply. Let this serve as a quick PSA that Philly’s tap water is safe and delicious! Here are a few reasons to skip adding the bottled water to your shopping cart:

  1. Saves Money
    Bottled water is expensive! With all of the uncertainty in the world right now, many people are prioritizing funds and looking for new ways to save money. Switching to tap water is a great way to avoid an extra expense, as it costs less than a penny per gallon!
  2. Reduces Plastic Waste
    Bypassing disposable plastic bottles helps reduce plastic waste in our streets, rivers, and streams. Choosing tap water and reusable drinking bottles helps the environment by cutting back on unnecessary waste. Plus, as of April 6, the City will be moving to a biweekly recycling pickup, so switching to tap water will help you save room in your recycling bin.
  3. Safe, Tested, and EPA Approved!
    Philadelphia’s drinking water is safe, clean, and healthy for residents to consume. From a March 18 PWD statement, "The Philadelphia Water Department [PWD] and our Bureau of Laboratory Services want to assure customers that the virus will not impact the safety of the city’s water supply. Conventional water treatment methods, including filtration and disinfection used at all of Philadelphia’s drinking water plants, removes or inactivates the virus that causes COVID-19." Drinking water is tested and monitored continuously to ensure that Philadelphians are receiving a high quality, safe product. The EPA has also reiterated the safety of drinking water and urges residents to consume tap water as per usual.
  4. Accessible to Everyone!
    The Water Department has committed to not shutting off water for nonpayment during this crisis, so this plentiful resource is accessible by all.

So, save room in your cart—and in your wallet—and get your water straight from the tap!

For questions and additional information, please visit the Philadelphia Water Department’s website or call 215-685-6300.

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It's clean but full of micro plastics. Cleanish. Possibly un-affected by fracking which the state of PA still hasn't banned for some reason. Depending on the filtration system you are using at home or your water bottle this article is totally pseudo science. Lets all test a sample of our tap water for micro-plastics and refute this. Independent companies that have higher standards have safer filtered water. Who chose this article? Who?
elle boogie - Terra Firma
Thursday, April 30, 2020