Statue, "Soap bubbles"

Centennial Exhibition

Item Info

Item No: c021284
Title: Statue, "Soap bubbles"
Additional Title: Soap Bubbles
Series: Photograph Series II
Media Type: Albumen Prints
Notes: 1 silver albumen print; 26 x 21 cm.
Notes: Exhibit title: Children blowing bubbles, Donato Barcaglia, Exhibit #165, Art Annex, Gallery no.3, Bldg. #102.
Notes: Mounted on backing board.
Notes: Sculpture of two children, dressed in togas, struggling over a straw to blow bubbles. One child sits atop a railing and holds a straw with a bubble on its end out of the reach of the other child. Framed paintings are visible behind the sculpture.
Notes: Titles on labels: Soap bubbles, and: Soap balls.
Creator Name: Centennial Photographic Co.