Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 9, Plates 798-799

Maps 1873-1875: Hexamer General Surveys: Volume 9, Plates 756/8-854/5
Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 9, Plates 798-799

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Item No: MHGSAJ00034
Title: Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 9, Plates 798-799
Additional Title: Hexamer General Surveys, Volume 9
Page: 798
Street Address: Church St and Wood St
Work Type: Industrial Site Surveys
Source: Map Collection

Covers Plates: 798 - 799


Facility Name: Little Falls Mill
Corner: SW
Owner: Stafford, Mrs. Samuel
Products: Yarn-Woolen


Facility Name: Star Mill
Corner: SE
Owner: Stafford, James

  • Yarn-Mixed
  • Textiles-Cotton Goods
  • Textiles-Woolen Goods
  • Textiles-Jeans


Facility Name: machine Shop
Location: East side of Church Street south of the Star Mill
Owner: Mrs. Ellen Schoefield (search also under Schofield)
Manager: Mr. Wm. Schoefield (search also under Schofield)
Products: Woodwork

Northside Orientation of Image: North
Alternate Page Number: Plates 798-799
City/Town/Township: Geographic Coverage Ward:21st ward
Geographic Coverage State/Province:Pennsylvania
Geographic Coverage City/Town/Township:Philadelphia
Geographic Coverage Neighborhood:Manayunk
Geographic Coverage Region/County:Philadelphia

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1874
Creator Name: Ernest Hexamer