Ministers Join NAACP Pickets at School Construction Project

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Ministers Join NAACP Pickets at School Construction Project

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Item No: pdch00028
Title: Ministers Join NAACP Pickets at School Construction Project
Creation Date: 6/29/1963
Historic Street Address: 31st & Dauphin Streets
Media Type: Photographic Negatives
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Image taken by Philadelphia Evening Bulletin photographer Charles T. Higgins

After years of broken promises and failed legal challenges to achieve racial equality in the construction and other trade unions in Philadelphia, Cecil B. Moore, president of the local NAACP chapter, mobilized local residents to picket various city-sponsored construction projects across the city.  These activities began in April of 1963. 

On May 24, picketing began at the construction site for the Strawberry Mansion Junior High School.  In this photograph, taken on May 29, the highly influential civil rights group, the Four Hundred Ministers, has joined the protest.  Since this was to be a school in a majority Black neighborhood, the focus on the racial discrimination in the unions intersected with the fight for desegration in the schools. 

Notes on the negative's envelope read:  “Ministers join NAACP pickets at school construction project; Address:  31st and Dauphin Street; May 29, 1963; Time: 0645"

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Creator Name: Higgins, Charles - Photographer