Grindstone exhibit-Machinery Hall

Centennial Exhibition
Grindstone exhibit-Machinery Hall

Item Info

Item No: c022561
Title: Grindstone exhibit-Machinery Hall
Additional Title: Grindstones
Series: Photograph Series II
Media Type: Albumen Prints
Notes: "Tuscan column formed of 38 varities of grindstones. Used in the mechanic arts. Finished with patent stone cutting"--Display.
Notes: 1 silver albumen print; 26 x 21 cm.
Notes: Exhibit titles: Mitchell, J.E., Philadelphia, Pa., Exhibit #151; Bradley Manufacturing Co., Syracuse, N.Y., Exhibit #144; Oneida Steam-engine & Foundry Co., Oneida, N.Y., Exhibit #184; Old Colony Rivet Works, New York, N.Y., Exhibit #177g, Machinery Hall, Bldg. #2.
Notes: Mounted on backing board.
Notes: Titles on labels: Grindstones, and: Display of grindstones. International Exhibition 1876, and: 3 medals awarded to J.E. Mitchell, Phila.
Notes: Tower made from 38 varieties of grindstones. Other displays in background.
Creator Name: Centennial Photographic Co.