Statue, "Religious liberty"

Centennial Exhibition

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Item No: c042794
Title: Statue, "Religious liberty"
Additional Title: [Statue, "Religous Liberty"]
Series: Photograph Series IIIa
Media Type: Albumen Prints
Notes: 1 silver albumen print; 54 x 44 cm.
Notes: Exhibit title: The B'nai B'rith monument, erected by the Israelites to Religious Liberty, Exhibit #103.
Notes: Monument consists of three sculptures. On the left is a semi-nude young boy holding a bowl in his left hand, his right arm is stretched upwards. In the center is a grown woman with her right arm streched in front of her. On the right is an eagle.
Notes: Mounted on backing board.
Notes: On back of photo: Photo of Swiss Commissioner's Office -- Main Building, CPC #2456.
Notes: Written on back of photo: 2794 - Statue Religious Liberty 1 2794.
Creator Name: Centennial Photographic Co.