Secreta secretorum (Secrets of Secrets)

Medieval Manuscripts
Secreta secretorum (Secrets of Secrets)

Item Info

Item No: mca0160031
Title: Secreta secretorum (Secrets of Secrets)
Additional Title: Philosophical treatise
Script: Gothic
Language: German
Folio Number: f. 3r
Source: Rare Book Department

Initial G


The translator of the text from Latin into German is identified in a colophon as Herr Melchior.


This manuscript can be dated to ca. 1465. An ox-head watermark identifies the paper as a type from Innsbruck, Landshut, Nördlingen, and Rattenberg, in present-day Germany and Austria, from between 1464 and 1466 (Piccard 571-573). Dr. Regula Forster kindly supplied information on the watermark.

Country: Country:Germany

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1475
Image Dimensions Width: 301 mm
ShelfMark: Lewis E 16
Creator Name: Pseudo Aristotle - Author

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