Secreta secretorum (Secrets of Secrets)

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Secreta secretorum (Secrets of Secrets)

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Item No: mca0160442
Title: Secreta secretorum (Secrets of Secrets)
Additional Title: Philosophical treatise
Script: Gothic
Language: German
Folio Number: f. 44v
Source: Rare Book Department



This colophon inscription identifies the translator of the text from Latin into German as Herr Melchior: "Herr Melchior, master of the seven liberal arts and parish priest of Our Lady’s church at Königshofen [north of Bamberg in Franconia] at the request of the noble, serious and worthy Herr Sigmund von Lenntershann of Mur, knight, made the translation from Latin into German."


This manuscript can be dated to ca. 1465. An ox-head watermark identifies the paper as a type from Innsbruck, Landshut, Nördlingen, and Rattenberg, in present-day Germany and Austria, from between 1464 and 1466 (Piccard 571-573).Dr. Regula Forster kindly supplied information on the watermark.

Country: Country:Germany

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1475
Image Dimensions Width: 301 mm
ShelfMark: Lewis E 16
Creator Name: Pseudo Aristotle - Author

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