John D. Godman, M.D.

Item Info

Item No: pdcj00015
Title: John D. Godman, M.D.
Creation Date: 5/1/1830
Media Type: Lithographs
Source: Print and Picture Collection - Jackson Collection of American Lithographs

Drawn by Albert Newsam. Rare. (Joseph Jackson)

Note: Jackson's handwritten catalog card for this print differs from the writing on the lithograph which says, "C.G. Childs, Pirex on Stone from sketch by Inman."


John D. Godman (1794-1830), an American naturalist and medical doctor.

Image Dimensions Width: 12 cm
Creator Name: Inman, Henry (1801-1846) - Artist
C.G. Childs Lith., 30 Walnut St., Phila. - Lithographer