[Illuminated Manuscript Leaf]

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[Illuminated Manuscript Leaf]

Item Info

Item No: mcai670071
Title: [Illuminated Manuscript Leaf]
Script: Gothic bookhand
Language: Latin
Source: Rare Book Department

Initial R with the Resurrection


This initial begins the Introit for Easter Sunday, “Resurrexi et adhuc tecum sum …” (I have risen and am still with thee). The naturalist inhabited border of the leaf and the familiar medieval town and landscape background of the historiated initial are beautiful examples of trends in fifteenth-century German manuscript illumination. Above-ground sarcophagii were frequently used in late medieval German burial practices. The decoration in the leaf is typically anachronistic.

This leaf has Hufnagel musical notation: Hufnagel is a German term resulting from a comparison between the appearance of the notation’s virga (single note of relatively higher pitch) to a horseshoe-nail.

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1499
ShelfMark: Lewis E M 67:7

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