Preliminary art of animals arranged by epoch, for Life Story

Children's Literature Virginia Lee Burton papers
Preliminary art of animals arranged by epoch, for Life Story

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Item No: burt00629r
Title: Preliminary art of animals arranged by epoch, for Life Story
Additional Title: Life Story
Language: English
Material: Pen and ink on paper

Paleocene, uintatheres, primitive hoofed mammals, creodonts, opossums, condylarths 1 to 6, phenacodus 6', barylamda 8, uintatherium 12, patriofelis 9', titanotherium 15'

Eocene, creodonts, pre-deer, titanotheres, oreodonts, uinthatheres, tiny horses, notharctus 3', eohippus 14', protoceras, zeuglodon 50 to 75, miacis

Oligocene, creodonts, horses, toxodonts, dogs, rhinoceros, cats, tupaia, orohippus, mesohippus, dinictis, smilodon, cynodictis, bear dog, beaver, oreodont

Miocene, horses, deer, rhinoceros, glyptodonts, whales, cats, elephants, dogs, mammoth, mastodon, daphoenodon, dinohyus, baluchitherium, 18' tall altcamelus, antilocapridae, eloceros 11', stenomylus, oreodont 3'

Pliocene, horses, camels, pigs, deer, rodents, sloths, megatherium, glyptodont 14', ceratogaulus 2'

Pleistocene, man, rodents, artiodactyla, apes, weasels, elephants, saber toothed cats, bison, sloths, beavers, bears, wolves, woolly mammoths, felis atrox, bear, wooly rhinoceres, wolves, moose, bison, castoroides, mastodon, musk ox, cattle."

Media Type: Illustrations
Source: Children's Literature Research Collection
Provenance: Gift of Virginia Lee Burton, 1968.


Virginia Lee Burton, Life Story (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1962).

Creation Year (Single Year or Earliest Date): 1962
Image Dimensions Width: 45 cm
Call Number: BURT ACT 3
Creator Name: Burton, Virginia Lee, 1909-1968 - Artist

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