ALs to Marguerite Power

Charles Dickens
ALs to Marguerite Power

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Item No: cdc198501
Title: ALs to Marguerite Power
Accession Number: 79-1391
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 Broadstairs, Kent.

Tuesday Fourteenth July 1847.

My Dear Miss Power,

Though I am hopeless of Rocherville until after the 28th--for am I not beckoned by angels of charity and by local committees, to Manchester and Liverpool, and to all sorts of bedevilments (if I may be allowed the expression) in the way of managerial miseries in the meantime--here I find myself falling into parenthesis within parenthesis, like Lord Brougham--yet will I joyfully come up to London on Friday, to dine at your house and meet the Dane, whose Books I honour, and whose--to make the sentiment complete, I want something that would sound like "Bones, I love!" but I can't get anything that unites reason with beauty. You, who have genius and beauty in your own person, will supply the gap in your kindness.

An advertisement in the newspapers mentioning the dinner-time, will be esteemed a favour.

Some wild beasts (in cages) have come down here, and involved us in a whirl of dissipation. A young lady in complete armour--at least, in something that shines very much, and is exceedingly scaley--goes into the den of ferocious lions, tigers, leopards, etc., and pretends to go to sleep upon the principal lion, upon whic a rustic keeper, who speaks through his nose, exclaims, "Behold the abazid power of woobad!" and we all applaud tumultuously.

Seriously, she beats Van Amburgh. And I think the Duke of Wellington must have her painted by Landseer.

My penitential regards to Lady Blessington, Count D'Orsay, and my own Marchioness.

Ever, dear Miss Power,

Very faithfully yours

Charles Dickens

MssDate: Tuesday Fourteenth July 1847
Media Type: Letters
Source: Rare Book Department
Recipient: Power, Marguerite A., 1815?-1867
Provenance: Goodspeed Dec 79


 The Letters of Charles Dickens, Volume Five: 1847-1849, ed. Graham Storey and K. J. Fielding. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1981,  p. 127.

Country: Creation Place Note:Broadstairs

Creation Year: 1847
Call Number: DL P873 1847-07-14
Creator Name: Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 - Author

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