ALs to Frederick Dickens

Charles Dickens
ALs to Frederick Dickens

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Item No: cdc289201
Title: ALs to Frederick Dickens
Accession Number: 87-268
Physical Description: [2] pages
Material: Paper

 My Dear Fred

  The boy brought the letter back yesterday, in consequence of the extraordinary and unaccountable impertinence of your messenger, who said That he knew nothing about you—that if the boy couldn’t find you, he had better take the letter away—that wasn’t the place for private affairs—and the like. I think you might mildly mention that I have a very strong belief that I made a representation of his behavior in the proper quarter, his private affairs would be likely to become embarrassed rather.

  Ever Affecy.

MssDate: Saturday Morning
Media Type: Letters
Source: Rare Book Department

Possibly written in the late 1850 or 1851 on handwriting: possibly 18 Dec 50, referring to the letter of introduction to Smith of Fri 17 Dec. 

Recipient: Dickens, Frederick William, 1820-1868
Provenance: Gift of Mrs. D. Jacques Benoliel,12/6/55.


Volume 6, p. 240, The Letters of Charles Dickens, edited by Madeline House & Graham Storey; associate editors, W.J. Carlton…[et al.]

City/Town/Township: City/Town/Township:Devonshire Terrace [London]

Creation Year: ca. 1848
Call Number: DL D556f 1848-09-00

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