ALs to Emmeline Montague Compton

Charles Dickens
ALs to Emmeline Montague Compton

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Item No: cdc283701
Title: ALs to Emmeline Montague Compton
Accession Number: 87-187
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Gad's Hill Place, Higham, by Rochester
Sunday Night Second August 1857.
My Dear Mrs. Compton
    We are going to play the Frozen Deep (pursuant to requisition from Town Magnates &c) at Manchester, at the New Free Trade Hall, on the nights of Friday and Saturday, the 21st. and 22nd. August.
    The place is out of the question for my girls. Their action could not be seen, and their voices could not be heard. You and I have played, there and elsewhere, so sociably and happily, that I am emboldened to ask you whether you would play my sister in law, Georgina's part (Compton and Babies permitting).
   We shall go down in the old pleasant way, and shall have the Art Treasures Exhibition to ourselves on the Sunday - when even "He" (as Rogers always called every pretty woman's husband), might come and join us.
    What do you say? What does He say? And what does Baby say? When I use the term "Baby", I use it in two tenses - Present, and Future.
    Answer me at this address, like the Juliet I saw at Drury Lane - when was it? - yesterday? And whatever your answer is, if you will say that you and Compton will meet us at the North Kent Station London Bridge, next Sunday at a quarter before One, and will come down here for a breath of sweet air, and stay all night, you will then give your old friends great pleasure. Not least among them,
                                                                        Yours faithfully
                                                                                      Charles Dickens

MssDate: Sunday Night Second August 1857.
Media Type: Letters
Source: Rare Book Department
Recipient: Compton, Emmeline Montague,
Provenance: Quaritch 1966, Benoliel


The Letters of Charles Dickens, Pilgrim Edition, Volume Eight, 1856-1858, p. 397.

Country: Country:England
City/Town/Township:Higham, by Rochester
Creation Place Note:Gad's Hill Place

Call Number: DL C739e 1857-08-02
Creator Name: Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 - Author

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