Tractatus de maleficiis (Treatise on Evil Deeds)

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Tractatus de maleficiis (Treatise on Evil Deeds)

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Item No: mcac142301
Title: Tractatus de maleficiis (Treatise on Evil Deeds)
Script: Rotunda
Language: Latin
Folio Number: f. 1r
Original Year/Month/Day: 1460, February 27
Source: Rare Book Department
Notes: Angelo Gambiglioni (d. 1446) was a lawyer and judge from the town of Arezzo, Italy. He was also a legal scholar who taught at the University of Bologna in the 1430s and 1440s. This book contains a copy of his most famous work, Tractatus de Maleficiis, a treatise on criminal procedure. This particular manuscript is unusual for having illustrations. The first page, which is shown here, is illuminated with floral borders and a coat of arms, which may have belonged to the patron for whom the book was made. The figure depicted in the historiated initial is the author as a judge clad in jurist robes. The rest of the manuscript contains marginal drawings that illustrate the text of the treatise, showing figures committing crimes, appearing before a judge, or receiving punishment for their crimes.
Notes: Initial N with Angelo Gambiglioni
Sirsi Catalog Key: 1582842
Country: Country:Italy

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1475
Image Dimensions Width: 330 mm
ShelfMark: LC 14 23
Creator Name: Angelo de Gambiglioni - Author
Johannes Batista de Aversa - Scribe