Christ Church Interior - Postcard

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Christ Church Interior - Postcard

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Item No: pdcp00593
Title: Christ Church Interior - Postcard
Additional Title: Philadelphia Christ Church Interior
Historic Street Address: 20 North American Street
Media Type: Photographic Prints
Source: Print and Picture Collection

Located: Postcard Collection  Under: Philadelphia - Churches - Christ Church - Interior -1950

[ON REVERSE] CHRIST CHURCH  Second Street above Market Founded in 1695, its present building dating from 1727, became in Revolutionary days the Sactuary of the Patriots. Many members of the convention which framed the Constitution worshipped here. Benjamin Franklin was a member, his families pew is No. 70. President Washington and Mrs. Washington regularly occupied pew No. 58 from 1790 to 1797. The same was the official pew of President John Adams. Betsy Ross, first maker of the American flag held pew No. 12. The Baptismal font dates from 1695, the pulpit from 1769, the central candelabra from 1749. Bishop William White is interred before the chancel rails.

 Copyrighted 1937 & Publ. by K. F. Lutz, 441 N. 32nd St., Phila., Pa  No. 226.

Creation Year: ca. 1937
Creator Name: Lutz, K. F. (Karl F.), 1896- - Photographer