Hymnal for Daily Home Devotions

Hymnal for Daily Home Devotions

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Item No: frkm019000
Title: Hymnal for Daily Home Devotions
Scripts/Text: Fraktur; German script; Roman script
Language: German
Physical Description: 1006 p (includes 2 end registers + 2 end fly leaves); 18mo
Material: Laid paper; gall ink; leather; metal

Example: p. 446]
Evangelium Luce 15 / Im Thon:Gott sah zu seiner Zeit. /  Bedencket Gottes Güt, die er an unß / übet, sein väterlich Gemüts, damit Er / unß liebet. Darumb er kam auf Erden, unser / Heil zu werden, hat alle angenohmen, die / zu Ihm seÿn kommen, suchten heil und fromen./ 2 Es naheten zu Ihm, all Zölner und Sün- / der, daß sie höreten und die Phariseer / und auch die Schrifftgelehrten, murreten / und sprachen… 10 Erneur und drück in mich, dein Bildniß wieder / freÿ, daß ich recht libe dich, und stets dein eigen seÿ, auf daß auch die Engel sich, erfreuen über / mich, und ich zu ihn dort oben, dich ewig zu- / loben, mög werden erhaben. Amen.


 [Example: p. 446]
The Gospel St. Luke, Chapter 15 [ 1-7] to the Tune “At that time God saw…
”Consider God’s goodness which He imparts to us, His fatherly ways, with which He loves us. For this reason He came unto the earth to become our salvation, and to receive all those who would come to Him, sought righteous and pious. 
2. Then drew near unto him all the publicans and sinners to hear him. And the Pharisees and scribes murmured, saying, this man receiveth sinners, and eateth with them… 
[St. James Version]
10. Renew and impress Your likeness upon me, so that I might Love you, and always be Yours. May the angels rejoice in me, and may I forever send my praises to them above me, to exalt you forever. Amen 

Category: Hymnal
Media Type: Manuscripts
Source: Rare Book Department

Manuscript codex, 4to, gathered in 8s, signed : A-3N.

Bound in dark calf, blind stamped in a geometric pattern, one remaining brass clasp; raised bands. Written in a careful dark brown script.  Most of the front matter is missing: the book has been conserved by the CCAHA in Philadelphia with mulberry paper.

About the manuscript:
Bound manuscripts copied by Schwenkfelders in Europe and America contain hymns, theological treatises, correspondence, scripture texts and commentaries. Hymns were central instruments of religious pedagogy that sought to convey the Gospel to men and women in a form that they could remember and apply for themselves. This hymnal was designed for use at home, where fathers and mothers could teach their children, counsel one another, and console themselves when death came near. Following the hymns is a meditation by Martin Jahn on Proverbs 11:5. There are two registers at the back of the Ms: One is an alphabetical listing of all first lines of hymn texts; the other instructs how to match the hymns with the Sunday gospel readings.

In the transcription example, the alphabetical register in the back indicates Bedencket Gottes Güt, is found on page 446. On page 446 we find that Bedencket Gottes Güt, die er an unß übet… is an introduction to the Gospel passage Luke 15: 1-7 which begins at verse 2) Es naheten zu Ihm, all Zölner…Following the Biblical verses is a prayer of appeal for God’s help. The devotions end at 10) in rhymed verse declaring commitment and love to God, and the wish to praise Him eternally.

Associated Names: Jahn, Martin
Provenance: Borneman, Henry Stauffer, 1870-1955


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Creation Place State/Province: Creation Place Note:Based on handwriting and contents
State/Province:Southeastern Pennsylvania

Image Dimensions Width: 16 cm
ShelfMark: FLP Borneman Ms. 19

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