3 crows

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Item No: facjp00069
Title: 3 crows
Media Type: Watercolors (Paintings)
Source: Print and Picture Collection

In pencil on back:


“Presented in memory of Mr & Mrs. David Townsend 1/38”.

Name in Japanese characters: ????

Artist information found in Google Books:

Impressions Quarterly, Volume 1

Publisher: D. P. Elder & M. Shepard, 1900

"For a limited time, Messrs. Elder and Shepard will exhibit some original work done by Toshimune Komatsu-- of the school of Ukiyoe-- a Japanese artist who still works as a Japanese; he is uninfluenced by Americanisms, which recommending quality will doubtless continue. In connection with this display of Mr. Komatsu's work, there will be a number of original sketches by his old master, Yoshimuni Arai. Through a strange happening some fifteen or more color prints have been found and will be exhibitited side by side with the remarkable originals, which association will be unique."

Image Dimensions Width: 24.5 cm
Creator Name: Komatsu, Toshimune - Artist