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Item No: mcai630021
Additional Title: Bible
Script: Gothic bookhand
Language: Latin
Folio Number: front 63:2
Source: Rare Book Department
Notes: Beginning of Judges
Notes: These leaves seem to form a group because of the consistency of the leaf and text measurements and the ruling pattern; leaves are paginated with pencil numbers in the upper left-hand corner of each side of each leaf.
Notes: This leaf is from a set of thirty-one leaves that were cut from a single manuscript that once comprised a complete Bible.

This page begins the Book of Judges, which in its first chapters tells how God chose Judah to lead the Israelites against the Canaanites and Perizzites and how they were defeated. The historiated initial P on this page represents Judah being appointed leader of Israel.
Sirsi Catalog Key: 1600029
Country: Country:Germany

Creation Year (Single Year or Range Begin): 1399
Image Dimensions Width: 485 mm
ShelfMark: Lewis E M 63:1-31