Kessler - How to Play Better Football, pg. 208-212

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Kessler - How to Play Better Football, pg. 208-212

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Title: Kessler - How to Play Better Football, pg. 208-212
Language: English
Material: Ink on Paper
Transcription: Delay of game or en-croachment on neutral zone, 5 yards Illegal formation, posi-tion, or procedure. Illegal forward handing, 5 yards 208 First down Grasping opponent's face protector, 15 yards Illegal forward pass, 5 yards down counts Holding or illegal use of hands or arms by the of-fence, 15 yards; by the defense, 5 yards and au-tomatic first down for of-fensive team Illegal motion or shift, 5 yards (Of-ficial uses both hands for illegal shift.) 209 Incomplete forward pass; no play or no score; penalty de-clined Intentional grounding of the ball on forward-pass play, 5 yards and loss of down Loss of down Officials' timeout Offside or violation of free-kick rules, 5 yards Pass interference by offense, 15 yards and down counts; by defense, automatic first down for offensive team at point of infraction Personal foul, 15 yards Roughing the kick-er 15 yards and an automatic first down, or running into the kicker, 5 yards and an auto-matic first down Safety Start the clock Timeout Touchdown, field goal, or successful conversion after touchdown Unsportsmanlike conduct, 15 yards 212
Media Type: Illustrations
Source: Children's Literature Research Collection

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C. Paul Jackson, How to Play Better Footbal (New York: Thomas Y Crowell Company, 1972).

Creation Year (Single Year or Earliest Date): ca. 1971
Image Dimensions Width: 30.6 cm
Creator Name: Kessler, Leonard, 1921- - Illustrator
Jackson, C. Paul (Caary Paul), 1902-1991 - Author