Troisdoffer [sic] exhibit-Machinery Hall

Centennial Exhibition
Troisdoffer [sic] exhibit-Machinery Hall

Item Info

Item No: c011098
Title: Troisdoffer [sic] exhibit-Machinery Hall
Additional Title: Iron Manufactures-Luxemburg
Series: Photograph Series I
Media Type: Albumen Prints
Notes: 1 silver albumen print; 20 x 12 cm.
Notes: Mounted on backing board.
Notes: Titles on labels: Iron manufactures -- Luxemburg, and: Troisdorfer exhibit, Mach. Hall.
Notes: Typographical error in the Catalouge of the Centennial Photographic Co.'s View of the International Exhibition; correct spelling is: Troisdorfer.
Notes: Various iron tools in display cases. Two large round metal plates are propped up on either side of the exhibit.
Creator Name: Centennial Photographic Co.