Letter to Ann Durell's cat, Margot

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Letter to Ann Durell's cat, Margot

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Item No: alex00034
Title: Letter to Ann Durell's cat, Margot
Additional Title: Taran Wanderer
Creation Date: 9/17/1966
Language: English
Material: Manuscript

"My Aparition. 17 Sept. 1966.

Dear Nurse Margot, I would like to tel you al about my apparition. My apration was a homling sucess. I euss it was, because I certanly did a lot of homling!!! They made me tak of al my close, which I thot funny since it was an apration on my hand. Then they roled me onto a table. I said, "Crazy, dad, I've been under a lott of tables, but never on top of one! OK, where are the girls?!" But I didnt get any laffs! These docters have no sense of humor (only cents of dollars! get it?)

Anyhow, I just wanted you to no al is well, and that my apration has in no way bothered me, physicly or mentaly, and has not afected neither my penmanship, speling, or briliant mind. I am glad, because without these a profesional authuor would really be up the Creak!

Patiently (get it?!!)

Lloyd Alexander"

Aged 42

Media Type: Documents
Source: Children's Literature Research Collection

Lloyd Alexander was good friends with his editor, Ann Durell. He was also extremely fond of cats. As a joke, he sometimes wrote humorous notes, like this one, addressed to Ann Durell's cat.

Provenance: Gift of Lloyd Alexander, 1995.

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