Finding Reliable Health Information

When you're looking for health information, you want it to be accurate, reliable, and easy to understand. Here are some tips:

1. Consider the source.
Who runs the website? Who wrote or published the book? Some resources are sponsored or paid for by private companies. Look for trusted websites, including government websites ending in ".gov," university or educational institution websites ending in ".edu," or information from non-profit organizations ending in ".org." These are not the only reliable sources of health information, but are good places to start.

2. Look at when the information was published.
It is important to know that your health information is up to date and reflects the latest research on the topic.

3. Beware of bias.
Is the author of this health information trying to sell you on a specific treatment or product? That may be a sponsored website.

4. Talk to your healthcare provider.
Your doctor or healthcare provider should be able to provide you with accurate health information, or direct you to where to find it. When in doubt about information you learned online, in a book, or from a friend, your healthcare provider is your best resource.

5. Pay us a visit at the South Philadelphia Library at 1700 S. Broad Street to chat with our community health librarian!
We can help you access reliable, accurate health information about any topic.