Where do I start?

These lists of books are specially selected by our librarians.

Selections of materials focusing on and celebrating female authors and creators.

  • Astonishing Women: Science Fiction and Fantasy by Women: From pregnant men to invading aliens, theocratic governments to alternate histories, these speculative novels by women will entertain, enrich and even sometimes frighten you.
  • Reflective Women: Memoirs and Autobiographies: Hear from women in their own voices. These stories of immigrants, chefs and politicians, Somalis, Americans and Iranians, mothers, sisters and daughters.
  • The Greats: Classic Fiction by Women: These aren’t your great-grandmother’s classics! Ranging from 1800s China to the Harlem Renaissance to 1980s New York, these great books by women will take you on a literary trip of a lifetime.
  • Yes, Ms. Prime Minister: Women in World Politics: Women make up half the human population, but come nowhere near that percentage in government. Read about these women who have participated in politics.